Lara Daans

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Originally from Toronto, Canada, Lara began her physical discipline at a very young age,studying classical ballet for eighteen years, while accomplishing a national ranking as acompetitive figure skater. She also competed in competitive gymnastics and diving. It wastherefore an easy transition into the fitness industry where she began teaching group exerciseclasses while studying at the University of Toronto. Her experience as an instructor is vast.Lara became intrigued by the discipline of yoga. After several yoga teacher trainings, she beganteaching herself. The philosophy of yoga resonated with her own, and sharing the discipline ofyoga with others has become one of her passions.Teaching in both class settings and one on one personal trainings, Lara has been invited to guestteach in many different cities and countries during her career. An award-winning accomplishedactor herself (King of Sorrow, A Dark Truth, Hit It).Lara has attracted a star studded cliental who have looked to her periodically to get in shape andstay focused for the screen. A busy working mother, Lara continues to be an example for manyexemplifying a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle. Her philosophy is a holistic oneencouraging balance. She looks at the body as a reflection of our overall condition. The bodyalways tells the truth if we only listen. Lara is excited to embark on a new chapter of herteaching career here in Los Angeles.

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    We are always looking for potential meditation, yoga, breathwork, and sound bath healing instructors. We also offer our studio for private rental use during free hours.

    • Established instructors with student clientele
    • Consistency
    • Good energy